Wicked Blood

Not another soul could love you like my rotten bones do.

The Menzingers

—Sun Hotel Pt. 2

You were clenching your fists, you were biting your upper lip
I watched a thousand tiny goosebumps gain territory of your skin
And for whatever this is worth, I was happy, I was sure of everything.

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Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves

—All the Things You Know


037. Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves - “All The Things You Know”
how we ended up in this state is not what’s driving me so crazy. it’s all the questioning that follows, and all the things you know you don’t know.

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I was thinking though, when we were doing the cover of the record, I was thinking “We should have a picture of my mouth!” because it was a state of total disarray. It was being reconstructed: holes sticking out, teeth missing, it looked really weird. So I was like, “Just take a picture of my x-ray and put that on the cover!” And everyone else was like, “No, that’s a really terrible idea.” And I thought, that’s why I do this, that’s why I’m in a band: so I don’t make all these decisions by myself. I’ll definitely say that drummer Benny Horowtiz is the best at that. He’s like, “You know what, I don’t wanna do that, dude. I don’t wanna wear a clown suit.” “But why? It’s so cool, Bob Dylan painted his face! Why can’t we do that?” “Because we’re not Bob Dylan.” “Right. Good point. Let’s not do that.” So I just want to give a shout out to Benjamin Horowitz right now.

At 3am and 4am,
it’s impossible to sleep
I’d do anything to hold you
and feel you next to me
But I’m all sore eyes and beasts
at my backdoor, pulling out their claws

—Red Lights; Molly and the Zombies (via giorgoskontos)

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